Monday, October 22, 2007

Thoughts on Tabloid Theology

Michael Patton has some interesting thoughts to share on the subject of Tabloid Theology here.

In his words tabloid theology emphasizes sensationalist claims without criticism. This results in a theology that is very prone to being disrupted by encounters with cold hard reality.

In agreement with him I advocate a form of critical theology, where every claim is subjected to a high degree of scrutiny. Unlike Michael I am not a cessationalist, believing that the gifts of God's Holy Spirit are available to achieve His purposes today, but because of that we should be even more vigilant to ensure no false reports be included among our testimony.


bethyada said...

Good to see you back to blogging Jason, enjoy your comments at Vox Popoli.

I discovered Parchment and Pen only a few days ago. Read thru some of the posts, especially Daniel Wallace's. Will have to get back there from time to time.


bethyada said...

I and say what I said to duckman, turn off moderation: people are more likely to comment. If you want to see who has set it up to email you when and where people comment.

If you want to alter or remove comments, consider Haloscan.

Duke of Earl said...

Thanks bethyada.