Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thoughts on Zeitgeist

One of the fascinating things I find is the way certain skeptics of the Biblical claims about Jesus make uncritical use of sources that are best described as laughable. One such source is the movie Zeitgeist, found on YouTube. It is the source of such claims as there being a dozen Middle Eastern writers who didn't mention Jesus, or the claim that the Flavianum Testimonium was known to be a fraud for hundreds of years. (Scholars who study Josephus generally regard the text as partially authentic, partly the result of Christian interpolation)

JB in his blog JB-Fedei Defensor has taken the time to answer many of the extraordinary claims this movie makes. His full discussion can be found here.

Can we rely on skeptics to stop using such discredited sources? I hope so... but I'm of the attitude that all hope ultimately disappoints.

Since JB has taken down his blog, I'm linking to the Webskeptic site which has links to numerous responses to the Zeitgeist movie. Also a link to Faith Interface for another view.


TRMOF said...

While the historical aspects of the movie are easily refuted, I can't help but agree generally with the idea that organized Christianity is being used to manipulate people. I just think it's Satan doing the manipulating. "Beware wolves in sheep's clothing"

We are told, afterall that the antichrist will persuade, if possible, the very elect, and that the day will come when those who kill us will think they do God service. It only makes sense that this will take place through the church.

Duke of Earl said...

Look at the context, Jesus was referring to Jews killing Christians because they thought they were doing God's will. It's happened, it's over.