Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thoughts on the First Cause.

If we accept the position that the universe began to exist then there are two possibilities.

1. That the universe was brought into existence by another.

2. That the universe brought itself into existence.

Option 2. leads us to a violation of the law of non-contradiction as for an object to bring itself into existence requires it to exist (in order to be the bringer) and not exist (in order to be brought) at the same time.

Option 1. does not automatically fail the logical test and so we proceed further.

3. The bringer possesses volition.

4. The bringer possesses no volition but acts as a result of natural processes.

I have difficulties with Option 4. because natural processes themselves arise within the universe. I don't see them leading to the universe. If that is the case then we are in the same boat as option 2.

Option 3. allows for there to be a point at which the universe doesn't exist, before an act of volition brings it into existence.

If the bringer of the universe into existence possesses volition then the bringer probably possesses a degree of consciousness in order to "choose" to bring the universe into existence. If the bringer possesses consciousness then it is likely to be a "being" of some description.

That might need some cleaning up, but I think I have shown that it's reasonable to assume that the cause of the universe is itself a conscious being.

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