Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Debate Review: William Lane Craig and Sam Harris

Philosopher Glenn Peoples evaluates the Bill Craig versus Sam Harris debate, and finds it to be just as bad as I feared.

Although he is critical of some of Craig's arguments, Dr Peoples had to reserve most of his criticism for Harris who, it seemed, failed to realise the moot of the debate was "Is Good from God?" not, "how many ad hominems and non sequiturs can I get through in an hour and a half?"

It is apparent that the so-called "New Atheists" have this in common. They are full of snark, but lack substance. Whilst the average internet atheist, being equally insubstantial, laps this up, most reasoning people from both sides of the debate find it simply embarrassing.

Atheists, you have the power in your own hands. If you don't want to be coloured with the same brush as these retards, don't buy their books, don't fĂȘte them when they turn up in your village, don't repeat their "arguments" and for goodness sake don't invite them to debates.

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